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Specializing in Asian cuisine.


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4 reviews
Yama Fuji offers a wide range of foods--maybe a bit too wide, but I have to say, they're not as drab and featureless as many fusion joints.

Their hot-and-sour is good...not gluey, with a good sharp vinegar, and the room to pick heat levels. (I'd like mild to be just a bit more mild, but it's not hot enough to force me to go for not-spicy.) They have a mess of authentic-to-China and authentic-to-Japan dishes, as well as the familiar tried and true Amer-Asian stuff we all grew up with.

It's not perfect--but it's pretty good for order-out.


4 reviews
First time ordering. Estimated 65 minute delivery time, food got here in 20. Order was correct, food was better than most Chinese spots I've had. Beef teriyaki and spare ribs were very good, rice was normal. General toas was great, I loved the thin breading and large chunks, definitely one of the better general toas I've had. Also gave the choice of 3 levels of spiciness, which I never see. The medium spice was not spicy at all, will try the hot and spicy next time. Definitely will be coming back to test out their huge menu.


Top Reviewer
My husband and I have different tastes when it comes to food. He loves your traditional Chinese noodles and fried rice, while I love Japanese Udon noodles and sushi. Yama Fuji satisfied both our palettes. Delish. Added bonus is that GrubHub brings it right to your door. What's better than that?


2 reviews
The food was excellent, only thing, definitely needed more wasabi, had 3 rolls and only a dollop of wasabi, thank God I had some at home. Best chicken fried rice I've ever had, loved the Tokyo Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll and Spicy tuna hand roll. I will be ordering very soon and would recommend it.


2 reviews
Always great, never an issue and always earlier then estimated! I LOVE the string beans! So garlic and delicious and best veggie lo mien. Their sushi is pretty good too! I had the avocado roll tonight and it was so perfect and fresh! We get them at least 2-3 times a month!

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Top Reviewer
Best Chinese/Japanese place around dive in have yet to be disappointed on thier menu


Top Reviewer
I ordered the lemon chicken and the crab rangoon. Both good!


2 reviews
Just moved, and this is our new go-to chinese food takeout!


1 review
Always the greatest place for me to have a great meal.


1 review
It is my favorite

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